Hey, welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Dusan Tomanovic. My art today, is the convergence of beauty and emotion through the elegance of line and form. In my work, the themes and arrangements are uncomplicated, but invites the viewer to plunge in and bring their own opinion, speculation and interpretation to the forefront. I’m also a fan of simplicity and “easy to recognize” term.

I am a Digital Artist hailing from the beautiful small town of Pirot in Serbia. I consider myself a Master Vector Ninja of sorts and my primary weapon of choice being – the Pen-tool. While I combine a variety of stories and styles to my projects, the works follow a consistent methodology. There may not always be subject likeness between the different projects, but they are connected by recurring techniques, colors, concerns and subject matter.







Do you have a project you would like me to work on? Or perhaps a few questions? Contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you!

Personal Info

Dusan Tomanovic

11. april 1990.

Ljuba Vuckovica

11000 Belgrade


+381 (64) 46 49 416

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